Dacon Media is one of the world’s leading digital performance-based advertising companies. Our mission is to deliver unmatched results for our advertisers and media partners.

We accomplish this by offering a single multi-channel gateway to all digital media channels on web, mobile and social platforms. Advertisers benefit from our expertise in targeting and media optimization, which allows them to maximize their quality and ROI for every campaign on all digital channels. We provide our media partners with powerful inventory monetization for high fill and eCPMs through our full- and self-service monetization options.

Why Dacon Media


Daсon Media is the only advertising technology partner with licensing rights for premium content.


A proprietary weaving engine scalably blends ads with matching content, instantly transforming one ad into dozens.


Dacon media has compiled first-party data on more than 1 million clips.

Brand Safety

Ads are placed with premium content in a fully brand-safe environment.

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