App Promotion

App promotion is about acquiring quality users and engaging them through innovative ad formats to manage the experience from impression to install.

Using our post install optimization technology, we are able to collect data about each user’s full funnel experience and maximize engagement on all stages of the lifecycle.

Our dedicated team of App Distribution Experts will be on top of your campaigns and ensure you get results beyond your expectations. Add the use of proprietary automated technology into the mix, using our programmatic mobile exchange, and we are able to access billions of devices worldwide and making it our job to find the right user in no time.

At Dacon Media, mobile performance measurability, technology and innovation are the key to achieving optimum results. We combine our won development in automated technology and user data to acquire high value lifetime users for our clients.

Along with our dedicated and experienced team, we provide exceptional service and support to optimize and maintain your ROI.
Having deployed and successfully completed thousands of mobile content campaigns over the last 5 years, there’s just no subscriber we can’t reach.

Video Advertising Marketplace 

User-Friendly Advertising

Our non-intrusive outstream video advertising solutions are entirely respectful to the user experience. They make the decision to watch or to ignore the advertising.


Viewable by Design

Our advertising formats are built around visibility, launching only when in view on a user’s screen.

Performance Based

To hit advertisers branding and engagement KPIs, Dacon Media solutions can be bought and optimized through different placements, creatives and devices.