Dacon Mobile

Dacon Media enables the world’s top brands, developers, and publishers to engage global consumers through mobile advertising. We provide innovative mobile programmatic and performance advertising solutions that lead to maximum users and higher ROI as results.

Our mission is to enable consumers and businesses to make smarter decisions. We help our customers engage consumers in a far more intimate way through mobile advertising. Our solutions help engage, retain and grow related audiences (customer’s base).

Our focus on understanding consumer behavior and leveraging big-data to predict user actions enables us to offer these unique solutions that offer the best user experience possible.

  • Reporting Features
    Advanced reporting, white/black lists, targeting and payment options
  • Monetary Returns
    Maximize revenue through real-time optimization
  • Better Fill Rate
    With constant monitoring and monetizing inventory effectively, we ensure increased fill rates for our publishers across

Dacon Video

Dacon Media’s focused on providing premium inventory to advertisers to run their digital video campaigns. Inventory that is always in a 100% viewable placement, on validated sites and alongside premium, brand safe content.

We work with our publishing partners to seamlessly integrate native recommended video placements across their sites. These are click-to-play “In-Stream videos”, 100% viewable experiences that appear as native videos to users.

This kind of implementation and experience creates premium video inventory for advertisers to properly target and reach their audience. All native ad units can be targeted by audience segmentation and purchased programmatically.

  • Monetization Strategy
    Our dedicated client services and programmatic experts use decades of industry experience to manage and maximize campaigns
  • Yield Management
    By aggregating all inventory sources, across devices, we maximize yield, streamline workflow, enhance delivery and return the maximum revenue for every impression
  • Better Fill Rate
    With constant monitoring and monetizing inventory effectively, we ensure increased fill rates for our publishers across

Dacon Native

Dacon Media helps brands reach new audiences with content, understand consumers’ engagement with it, and drive purchase intent. Interruptive advertising is a thing of the past.

Building a real connection with audience goes beyond a pop -up ad or a 15-second sales pitch.Get serious about modern advertising — connect with consumers in a more human way.

With time, Dacon Media promotes content advertisements delivered as part of the user experience on desktop and mobile through stunning in-feed placements. Partner with us to ensure that your advertisements is best monetized and you are earning as much as possible.

  • Higher Revenue
    We have proven to help our publishers more revenue a compared to our competitors
  • ROI
    We provide multiple formats which is an advantage to ensure that as a publisher to yield a premium for the traffic
  • Higher CPM
    Providing contextual and geo-targeted ads to ensure that the publishers gain advantage of high impact ads and thereby higher CPM.